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Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago, comprised of over 17,000 islands which span more than 3,200 miles (5000 km). Indonesia is now the world's third-largest democracy, the fourth most populous country, and home to the world's largest Muslim population. Located between Asia and Australia, The demographics are very diverse, ranging from rare species and remote ethnic groups to urban cities with all the modern conveniences.

In recent years, Indonesia has been plagued by natural disasters. In 2004, Indonesia was devastated by a tsunami, registering as one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history, killing over 230,000 people. Again in 2010, Indonesia has had numerous volcanic eruptions and tsunamis killing hundreds more. Indonesia has recently focused on alleviating poverty. Poverty remains a severe problem, especially in rural villages and the growing slums of Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital.  Poverty affects over 37 million people or 17% of the population.


Country of Origin: Indonesia

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