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Fair Trade Products

EDAG, Inc is a social enterprise dedicated to development in the global south. We believe the key to eradicating poverty is through development and education. We therefore launched a fair trade partnership with several grassroots artisans, beginning the process to rebuild sustainable communities. At EDAG, Inc, we provide direct market access to talented artisans all over the world. By helping artisans sell products to a global market, we are jump starting the value chain by creating new opportunities for marginalized producers. We work with artisans to help them build capacity through fair trade, create jobs, and implement sustainable community development projects.

What is Fair Trade: Fair trade is a financial relationship that focuses on exports of handicrafts and agricultural products from developing countries to the rest of the world. Through the reinvestment of proceeds into local communities, Fair Trade has led to improved infrastructure, technical assistance and community development projects for over 7.5 million producers and their families. All handicrafts are high quality, and artisans have a safe workplace and fair wage.

How you can help: By purchasing high quality products from artisans worldwide, EDAG, Inc is able to bring sustainable business development to local communities. We work with talented artisans who don't have the capacity to expand. We help them improve business practices, creating more employment opportunities, safer work environments, and more income. All proceeds from products go back to the artisans and are reinvested into the community.