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EDAG, Inc Services

While EDAG, Inc is capable of responding to nearly any governmental, non-governmental (NGO), or private initiative, EDAG, Inc's primary focus is on Education; Enterprise Development; Health Care, Microfinance; Reconstruction and Stabilization; and Sustainable Business Development.

Education – Education is fundamental for the reduction of poverty, economic growth and continuous development. Competitive economies and markets require a competent workforce. EDAG, Inc focuses on workforce development, delivering basic literacy, financial and business skills for women and men in micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

Enterprise Development – Generating economic growth in developing countries while reducing poverty is a challenge worldwide. In order for MSMEs to take advantage of market opportunities, it is vital that families and communities have access to financing, business services and an enabling environment. To address these challenges, EDAG, Inc provides technical assistance, project design and implementation and capacity building tailored to help MSMEs producers and firms grow and integrate into markets and value chains.

Health Care – EDAG, Inc works closely with clients to ensure basic access to health care services for each community we work with. We provide tailored technical assistance in coordination with local and international organizations, government institutions and private sector institutions that focus on prevention, treatment and health care services.

Microfinance – Access to sustainable sources of financial and non-financial products and services are vital for enterprise development. EDAG, Inc offers technical assistance in the area of microfinance for rural and urban enterprises, and post-conflict areas. We focus on value chain financing, savings, micro-insurance, micro-credit for primary education, remittances, and financial literacy.

Reconstruction and Stabilization – Violence, conflict and instability are widespread in the developing world. EDAG, Inc aims to restore stability by designing tailored projects and providing technical assistance on conflict management, human rights, local governance and economic growth.

Sustainable Business Development – Socially responsible governments, international organizations and corporations care about people, planet and environment and EDAG, Inc supports those entities reach their full capacity in delivering sustainability in meaningful ways. Programs created resonate within the community and incorporate the buy-in of community leaders.