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Management Team

Patrick Kadian Development Expert

Patrick Kadian is an international development professional with 12 years of field experience. Before joining EDAG, Inc, Patrick worked with the Indonesian home furnishings industry to capture its share of the increasingly lucrative market for sustainable products in the West.

Patrick gained his broad consulting and management experience by working hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs in the former Soviet Union to turn around their businesses and compete with western business practices. Later, Patrick went on to lead teams of consultants providing firm-level business development services to SMEs on behalf of USAID-sponsored projects in seven countries.

Before establishing a focus on Economic Growth, Patrick worked in Agricultural Development in West Africa and Disaster Relief in Central America. Patrick earned an MBA from Case Western Reserve University and BS in Agricultural Science from Rutgers University. A native English speaker, Patrick has a working proficiency in Spanish, Russian, and Djerma.

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